Our focus is Property Investment and Management fields. The NAI Hungary CELand team comprises highly experienced professionals with an efficient and creative business approach as they define alternate investment strategies, define unique investment opportunities and explore synergies. Our senior staff lean upon its empirical evidence, profound risk control and transparent processes.

Investment Advisory

NAI Hungary CELand Investment Team offers its professional
services for local and international investors
as well as for property owners
in Hungary and in the CEE region.

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Agency Services

NAI Hungary CELand Agency Services Team is ready
to generate, negotiate and execute successful
letting and sub-letting deals
for its selected clients.

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Development Management

NAI Hungary CELand Development Management Team offers its unique highly complex fee development services for those clients who face local development project tasks and challenges in Hungary or in Croatia.

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Asset and Property

NAI Hungary CELand has gained extensive portfolio
and property management experience in the past
decade as being representatives of international
and local property owners in all asset classes.

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Shopping Center

NAI Hungary CELand Shopping Center Management team
takes on complete strategic and day-to-day
on-site management of assets as well as
supporting investment transactions of those.

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Valuation and Professional

NAI Hungary CELand Professional Services Team
has gathered and developed its professional
experience in the greater Budapest real estate
market for the past 15 years.

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For present and new potential Investors we offer our independent off-market approach. NAI Hungary CELand Investment team represent confidential and quick “wing to wing” processes from project search until deal closing transaction services including thorough due diligence and data room management.​

For the Sellers’ side we offer our disposal management services in a “tailor-made” manner matching their specific needs, including different selling methods from specific off-market tenders until managing disposal projects on the highest institutional standards and transparency.​

NAI Hungary CELand Investment Team exclusively consists senior expert individuals who have gathered their rich practical capital market experiences by serving numerous owners through their professional careers. Our commitment to high-end and flexible client service, coupled with NAI Hungary CELand’s unparalleled market intelligence plus professional experience, differentiate us as the firm of choice in the Hungarian and CEE regional real estate industry.




For Tenants we offer our professional services based on our experiences during lease renegotiations or searching new leasable units according to their specific needs. We offer our services to tenants on independent basis, meaning that we offer solutions for them based on objective measures.​

For Landlords we offer to assist them in leasing tasks on exclusive or semi-exclusive basis meaning that we offer dedicated professional involvement to lease their specific projects without any conflict of interest or any potential market competition. Our independent status gives us the opportunity to select the specific potential projects that we represent with full attention and representation in a given time frame.​

All in our leasing services we use our rich negotiation experiences that our leasing professionals gathered during the past two decades supporting such actions, both on the landlord and the tenant side.


Or integrated professional NAI Hungary CELand teams can take over the full scale development projects for clients who choose to outsource those tasks. In return for a fair set market fee, our assembled development team will manage the given process from acquisition, through financing support, land- and construction development, including pre-leasing, forward disposal, project completion and initiation of property/facility management. We are ready to start manage your properties even before they would be completed, and this would offer a great scale of efficiency throughout preparation, planning and execution of all necessary processes. This solution would also enable you to maximize your overall project related profit.​

In selected cases NAI Hungary CELand is ready to take on development risk together with its partner client, reinforced with certain capital investment of its own together with corresponding promote or earn-out system put in place.​

We offer our own integrated fee development services at any certain phase of your development project, together with our potential joint-venture partnership for your selected projects.




NAI Hungary CELand Management Team experts have been managing several commercial and residential property portfolios for more than 20 years in Hungary always representing the owners’ interest. We believe that Asset Management is the art of science making the right decisions and optimizing property related procedures and maximizing values. Knowledge of the product, the surrounding market, the strengths and weaknesses of the competition are the basis of our Asset Management principles.

Asset Management is the optimization of the real estate values through their life cycles. It represents a collaboration to achieve best value-for-money, acquisitions and operations of the managed commercial properties. A common objective is to minimize the costs of assets during their life term and to mitigate the related operational and business risks.

The limited number of selected mandates we take on the Asset Management field ensures the highest level of owner’s side attention and the non-compete representation of our clients.


Our diversed team of professionals executes all related range of tasks from stategic planning to daily operational processes to ensure efficient and smooth performance of the managed retail properties.​

We are ready to take over whole international portfolios containing different type of assets in different coutries. Our team works in alliance with international retail experts with rich experiences in foreign developed markets.




Our valuation team has the resources to process large-scale mandates, such as the valuation of property portfolios, with short response times. Our professional team is staffed by experts with all the desirable valuation qualifications required by the market, including royal chartered surveyors (“RICS”). Our experts prepare reliable valuations in the event of capital market transactions and for accounting purposes as well.